A long-overdue entry, but a quick one at that.
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Hey all. Just wanted to post from Ireland to let you know that I had an absolute blast, and will be HOME in CA tomorrow evening, but I'll most likely sleep.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I can't wait to visit.

I love you all, especially Jason.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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I drew this earlier in Microspft Paint, and HAD to share with you all!

Remember hand-turkeys from Kindergarten? Think version 2.0Collapse )

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! Happy food coma!

Radio show
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So after all the craziness that's happened to me in the past week, it's nice to have my radio show to look forward to.

You guys should listen, as I'll attempt an ode to Halloween set somewhere in the middle of it.

www.ksubseattle.org <--then click the "Listen Now!" link

11am-1pm, PST

You can also request by IM-ing me at KSUBrequest (AOL) or by calling 206-296-2255

Whether you're doing homework, avoiding class or doing tedious data entry, I shall get you through your hump day.

Batman Begins
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Ok, so I went with Jason and Co. to see the new Batman movie last night (just about 24 hours ago, actually), and I have probably one word to say about it:


That movie was everything I had ever wanted out of a Batman film, and I was NOT disappointed. Last week, I overheard people complaining that the new one might be too dark. TOO FUCKING DARK?!?! He's the DARK fucking Knight! Go see "The Pacifier" if you want something a little lighter. Jackasses.

Anyways, I had hoped that a movie would come out explaining his roots ever since I saw the one with Val Kilmer, where the director had touched on the beginnings of the Bat. No offense to Michael Keaton, but Val was pretty awesome. However, EVERYONE pales in comparison to Christian Bale. And Michael Caine. And Morgan Freeman. Katie Holmes = ehh, she was alright, but not exactly spectacular. And psychology in comic book films should be more widespread, Period.

And no, I have not read a single Batman comic. For some reason, I had never been able to get into those, almost as if I would prefer to see the film adaptation and take that for what it is. Thank god I'm living in an era where every comic book seems to make a leap to the big screen.

I'm sure it goes without saying that Batman is my favorite superhero. Always has been. Now I have more proof as to why.

And sure, this might be cross-posted on MySpace... Damn Internet addiction...

just thought some of y'all would like to know...
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ok, you can now go back to your regularly scheduled lives... or call me... or both =D

Radio Show
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Hey all,

So hopefully some of you know that I have a little radio show Friday nights from 7-9pm. This time slot happens to conflict with some of my friends' partying schedules, but if you all would be so awesome as to tune in tomorrow night, that would make my week!

My co-workers will be guests on my show tomorrow around 8-ish, and they are hi-LAR-ious. There will most definitely be fun for all.

So tune in, kiddies. And request, because I like playing songs for other people

(click on "Listen Now!", then click play in the Live365 window)

Request Line: 206-296-2255

AIM SN: KSUBrequest

And if y'all wanna go ahead and tune in to my other shows this quarter, that would be swell. Thanks :)

just for shits and giggles
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and also because i wanted to see how i would test against sean, haha...

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Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

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KSUB - "Dream On"
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Friday, November 12, 2004



My radio show. Y'all should listen.

Because you love Jason and me THAT much :)

That is all...

i fuckin LOVE this dog...
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You are...ZERO! You're loyal and a good friend. You'll help whenever you're asked and even though you may not always be appreciated for helping, that doesn't phase you!

Which character from The Nightmare Before Christmas are you?
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"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."
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IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like, hardcore snowing. my classes were cancelled today because the professors had no way of getting to campus. i walked down broadway and just marveled at the awesome beauty of it all...

and i took pictures with my new digital camera. i want to send them via e-mail to people, but i also want to post them here on lj, which means i have to get an internet hosting site. does anybody know of a good site to host pictures? free or fairly inexpensive, it doesn't matter. i just want a good place to put my pictures on the web so that you guys can see what it's like up here in seattle...

ok, i'm gonna go take a shower and stare outside my window some more....


it's snowing...

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